Welcome to Ron’s Place, a house with an interior like no other.

In Birkenhead, across the river Mersey from Liverpool, stands a house with an interior like no other. Welcome to Ron’s Place, home of the late Ron Gittins, now owned by Wirral Arts and Culture Community Land Trust. A complex and colourful character, to say the least, Ron’s obsession with ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and all things romantic led him to transform his rented flat into his very own highly ornate classical ‘villa’. Many people were intrigued by the extraordinary totemic sculpture at the entrance but very few knew of the astonishing fantasy world that lay within.

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What was behind the door?

Ron’s Place is currently closed to the public to allow for essential works which we expect to take around a year. We’ll announce when we expect to re-open as soon as we are able. Thank you for your understanding!


Every room revealed new surprises​

When Ron’s family visited his flat shortly after his death in September 2019 they were totally awestruck by the sheer scale of what they discovered, largely due to the fact their meetings usually took place elsewhere.

Ron had decorated almost every available surface, many painted with murals depicting historical scenes, partially obscured by the vast hoard of material that Ron had collected in the pursuit of creating his personal paradise.

What happens now? What can we do to save this wonderful legacy?

It was clear that great efforts had to be made to preserve Ron’s legacy. Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of family, friends and colleagues in the arts, museums, heritage and local history, there is an amazing opportunity to save what has been described as an ‘Outsider art gem’ for the nation and turn it into a cultural asset for the local community.

A successful #SavingRonsPlace crowdfunding campaign helped to get the ball rolling but there is still much to be done to ensure Ron’s legacy is protected and can continue to  inspire others.

Take a virtual tour of Ron’s Place

We put together a slide show of the inside of Ron’s Place once we were able to, er, run round with a dustpan and brush….


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What People who knew Ron have to say

Ron was incredibly well known and people are coming forward all the time with anecdotes and stories of personal experiences.

Ron opened his bag and took out a dead trout. He said “I started using this as a model but it’s gone off so I need a picture to work from instead”.
Julie D.
Bebbington Library
I remember Ron dressed as a Roman centurion feigning death in the post office to relieve his boredom, shouting ‘I die, I die’ before collapsing on the floor.
Ron was dressed like a lollipop person and made himself a fishfinger in cod liver oil. The smell was so bad it woke my dad.
Christopher Lee-Power
I remember Ron one Boxing Day singing a Christmas carol in Latin, much to everyone’s surprise. I miss our great chats together.
Peter C.

Can you help to save Ron’s Place?

There is still a great deal to do to save Ron’s Place, and we can’t do it on our own. There are already lots of ways you can help, and we will be adding more in the future