‘Ron’s Dream’ – Liverpool writer Jeff Young is inspired by Ron’s Place

We’re delighted to share with you a sample chapter from Liverpool based writer Jeff Young’s next book, a work in progress called ‘Lucid Dreaming’. Our Ron’s Place advisory board member Angela Samata assured us that Jeff would love Ron’s Place and we’re so happy this proved to be the case when she invited him to visit. Our dream, after all, is for Ron’s Place to inspire creativity in others. We’re hugely grateful to Jeff for giving us privileged access to his writing and – in the spirit of generosity – are happy to share it in this publicly available post. 

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On visiting Ron’s Place Jeff said:

‘Entering Ron’s Place was like entering Ron’s imagination; a place of time travel, beauty and strangeness. It lifted my spirits to discover that Ron had imagined distant times and places and brought them to life on the walls of his home. It really inspired and moved me and I immediately sat down to write about the place, and Ron and his theatre of dreams.’

Read ‘RON’S DREAM’ here. Enjoy!

Jeff Young and artist Jo Pocock in the Lion Room. Image by Angela Samata

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